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Customized Massage Therapy

For your customized session, the licensed massage therapist will ask your preferences and goals, then they will blend techniques from all their training and experience to design the massage especially for you!

In the Wellness Club = SAVE 20% off regular prices listed below!


Complimentary add-ons available on request:  

Hot Packs, Steamed Towels for Feet, Aromatherapy.


Custom Therapeutic Massage: 50 min. $55 |1 hr $65 |1.5 hr $95 | 2 hr $120

or 30 min. Express $39 


Couples Massage: 50 min. $110 |1 hr $130 | 1.5 hr $190 | 2 hr $240

A Hint of Romance (add-on for Couples Massage) includes candles, sparkling beverage, rose petals and chocolate from our local chocolatier. $12

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage: 1 hour $65 | 1.5 hour $95 | 2 hour $120

meaning "foot pressure", (ashi = foot & atsu = pressure).  therapist use their feet to perform much of this eastern-inspired massage, allowing for a deeper compression-style session as well as deeply relaxing experience.  Perfect for highly active or stressful lifestyle - athletes and first responders love this style of massage!


Hot Stone or Warm Bamboo Massage: 1 hr $75 | 1.5 hr $110 | 2 hr $135

Melts away stress - Heated Stones or Bamboo & Rattan are incorporated into your customized massage. Experience thermotherapy and nature's amazing healing energy!


Prenatal Massage: 1 hour $65 | 1.5 hour $95

Specially designed cushions support mother-to-be while allowing your therapist to release tension in those over-worked muscles.


Thai Massage: 1 hour $65 | 1.5 hour $95 | 2 hour $120

Think of Thai Massage like assisted Yoga blended with compression massage! Client wears comfortable stretchy clothing (cotton attire preferred). The massage is performed on a thick floor mat (resembles a futon mat) where the therapist uses stretches and compression massage to relieve tension and increase flexibility.


Treat for Feet Deluxe (Reflexology): $65  allow 1hr.

You'll be walking on air following this treat! Starting with a foot soak dead sea salt, sodium bicarbonate & aromatherapy to sooth, followed by a Reflexology treatment/massage for the feet to assist in relieving tension, improving circulation and to help promote the natural function of the corresponding/referred areas of the body. Flushing massage to the legs to finish.

Treat for Feet Express: $39 (sans foot soak; the entire focus is a Reflexology treatment to the feet)  allow 30 min.


Medical Massage: 1 hour $68

Prescribed by a Dr. (MD, DO, Chiropractor) in units of 15 minutes to treat specific conditions, injuries or ailments.  Annual membership benefits and coupons cannot be used with Medical Massage.  We no longer file insurance claims; however, we will assist by providing  you with a detailed receipt & treatment notes if you need these documents to self-file with your insurance company.

Specialty Massage




Wellness Club


Couple Massage